What is Monoprice and what should you know about it?

So, like Walmart or Costco, Monoprice is also quite a household name. Therefore, it is an online retailer from America that sells electronic products. Hence, the headquarters of the company is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. So, it is kind of like Amazon for electronic goods. However, it sells electronic goods of various famous brands under a private label that also shares its name. Moreover, you can also get outdoor equipment and name-brand consumer electronic products from Monoprice. Monoprice is a thriving business now. There is a 1,73,000-square-foot warehouse that it owns. So, it conducts all its shopping as well as office operations from here. Currently, it is also a multi-million business.

Therefore, before we take a quick look at some of the best products available on Monoprice, let us go through its development once.


So, Jong Lee and Seok Hong founded Monoprice back in 2002. However, it was the year 2013 when a lot of developments happened in the company. So, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, on 5th February 2013, Monoprice launched a number of products. Therefore, these included an IPS panel monitor as well as the MHD Action Camera which is a tiny video camera that you could carry around. However, within a month Monoprice received a fatal blow. So, the American loudspeaker company Klipsch sued them on grounds of patent infringement. Therefore, this was because they had infringed Klipsch’s Energy Take Classic 5.1 system to their 5.1 Hi-Fi Home Theater Satellite Speakers & Subwoofer system. Therefore, they had to take the product down. However, by July of the same year, it was back with its own brand of proprietary guitars.

Moreover, in less than a month Monoprice sold itself to Blucora for a deal of 180 million USD. It was also famous as an all-cash deal. Hence, within a few days, they joined the E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo. So, they got into the ecosystem of various PC gaming products like mechanical keyboards, 7.1 surround sound headsets, gaming mice, and PC speakers with this. However, within a few months, it got back to the NAMM show. Hence, they launched new professional audio products ranging from bass guitars, speakers, DJ products, and so on. In 2014, Blucora Inc, the now parent company of Monoproce appointed Bernard W, Luthi as the President. So, his job was to look after the operations of the eCommerce business.

Moreover, in 2016, they collaborated with a Taiwan-based provider of networking peripherals and power cord sets, YFC-BonEagle Co. Ltd. So, they bought Monoprice for a total of 40 million USD.

Recent developments

Therefore, after this, a lot has not happened with the company or its ownership. However, 2019 was a landmark year again. This was because Mediahq considered the Best Intermediate 3D printer to be the Monoprice Voxel in 2019. So, now we know what Monoprice is and how it developed over the years. Therefore, now let us take a quick look at its leading products.

Monoprice Bt-600anc

So, this is one of the most popular Monoprice products that are on the market currently. In case you are not into tech stuff, this is a headphone. However, that is not just it. The feature that makes it so attractive is that it actively cancels noise. Therefore, this allows to cancel or block any kind of noise from outside- be it the sirens of cars, an airplane landing, or any background sound for that matter. So, there are some external microphones. These capture the noise and then cancel it. As a result of the process, you can enjoy flawless silence or music.

These are wireless headphones. Therefore, they are extremely portable. So, the design is such that you can easily fold it and carry it. Moreover, they are also very lightweight for headphones. So, these weigh around 235 g only. It has a padded headband that you can adjust, soft earpads, and an overall soft touch that makes it a very comforting affair. So, the Bluetooth version that these headphones use is 4.0 and the range is up to 10 meters or 32 feet. Moreover, they respond to frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20k Hz. Moreover, they also have a sensibility of around 118 dB and a driver size of 40mm Neodymium.

So, next comes the most important part of any Bluetooth headphone or speaker- battery capacity. Therefore, this is 200mAh. To get completely charged, it needs a maximum of 3 hours. After this, it can play for around 16 hours if there is no ANC. However, with ANC, it will run up to 8 hours. So, as a result of these, you get a very long playtime- about 16 hours! Moreover, you can get about 18 hours of talk time.


Monoprice modern retro

So, these are again headphones and one of the most popular products from Monoprice. However, they are not noise-canceling headphones like the previous one. Yet they are great options for professional sound although they look like very regular and commonplace headphones. Hence, they suit various mobile devices HiFi very well if you want to produce audio or video. So, with these headphones, you can surely enjoy a range of audio spectrum without any interruptions or technical gnawing. They also look great no matter wherever you go wearing them.

So, now let us take a look at the technical details. Therefore, they have 50 mm drivers. Hence, these are about one-fourth larger than the size of the drivers that most headphones have. So, this helps them to produce a greater range of frequency to which they can respond to. In this case, the range lies between 15Hz and 25kHz. Hence, you can enjoy the shrill vocals as well as the deep bass both as clean as possible.

Finally, as with most of the headphones from Monoprice, they are very comfortable to use. So, they have soft split-leather earpads. Hence, these help to battle tiredness. At the same time, they are very large and cover the ears very well.

Monoprice cables

So, one of the many specialties of Monoprice is its wholesale distribution of cables. Therefore, with them, you can get the best cable assemblies that you can get for various devices- be it your home theater, your PC, or anything that requires a lot of assemblages and has high technology to deal with.

Moreover, Monoprice lists various sections from which you can get different kinds of cables. Therefore, it makes the task of navigating online easier and getting what one wants.


So, there is a range of various simple cables with various dimensions and price ranges. To name a few, there are Monoprice 6 ft 3.5mm Stereo Plug/ Plug M/ M Cable, Monoprice Heavy Duty Power Cords, AtlasFlex series durable USB cords of various types, etc.

Audio cables

So, these are especially for connecting audio jacks, headphones, stereo, etc. A few examples here are Access Series 12 AWG CL 2-Rated speaker conductor wire, Onyx series auxiliary 3.5mm TRRS Audio and microphone cable, Monolith 3ft RCA cable, and so on and so forth.

HDMI cables

So, there is again a whole range of HDMI cables that you can buy from Monoprice. Therefore, let us quickly check out some of the available options. So there is the 4K certified high-speed HDMI cable of 3 ft and 18 Gbps, 8K no logo ultra high-speed HDMI cable of 6 ft and 48 Gbps, and so on.

Speaker wire

So, the reason why you get a separate section for speaker wires even though there is a section for audio cables is because of the options that you get. There are various kinds of speaker wires available for various devices and ports. So, a few of these include Monoprice Choice series 12 AWG Oxygen-free pure bare copper speaker wire of 50 ft, Nimbus series 14 AWG 2-Conductor CMP-Rated speaker wire of 100 ft, Select series 16 AWG speaker wire of 100 ft, and so on.

Monoprice headphones

So, the headphones of Monoprice are some of its best and most popular products. Moreover, we have discussed two of the most popular headphones in detail. Therefore, we have a fair idea now about the efficiency and structure of the headphones that it produces. However, let us check out a few other examples as well.

  • Audio-Technica Ath-M20X Wired Over Ear Headphones Without Mic
  • Monoprice 108324 Acoustic Pro Studio Headphones
  • Monoprice Modern Retro Over Ear Headphones (116150)
  • Monoprice Monolith M1060 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones
  • Monoprice 110153 Noise Isolating Earphones with Mic
  • Monoprice 113801 Hi-Fi Reflective Earphones with Microphone

So, the range of headphones that are available is very wide. There are headphones of various kinds, dimensions, and prices. Prices may range from twenty dollars to almost a thousand dollars depending on the model that you are going for. From wired to wireless, headsets to earphones, you get pretty much everything that you want.

Monoprice Subwoofer

The Monolith range of subwoofers is extremely popular. So, they make your home theater system way better by amplifying, adding a deeper bass tone, low distortion, etc. There is a range of subwoofers from which you can choose with different features and price ranges. Let us check a few of them:

  • Monolith 16in THX Certified Ultra 2000-Watt Powered Subwoofer
  • Monolith M-15 V2 15in THX Certified Ultra 1000-Watt Subwoofer Amplifier
  • SW-12 12″ 400 Watt RMS (600 Watt Peak) Powered Subwoofer
  • SSW-12 12in 150-Watt Powered Slim Subwoofer
  • M-210 Dual 10in THX Certified Ultra 1000-Watt Powered Subwoofer, etc


Monoprice FAQs

Quo. Is Monoprice good quality?

Ans. Yes, Monoprice mostly has good quality for the majority of its electronic products. The most popular among them are the different kinds of cables that we have discussed at length, headphones, and subwoofers. Moreover, as per reports, most customers have been very content with their purchases from Monoprice. It is also just the 2nd best site for getting cables of any and every kind. For more details, scroll up and read the cables, headphones, and subwoofers sections of the article.

Quo. Is Monoprice ethical?

Ans. Yes, human rights are one of the key concerns of Monoprice as an electronic brand. So, it gives special attention to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking involved in any of its production, management, or customer services. Furthermore, they also refuse to collaborate with companies that do not ensure the same. Therefore, their capital as well as a supply chain are completely ethical and crystal clear.

Quo. Are Monoprice monitors any good?

Ans. So, well Monoprice monitors might not be as famous as their cables are. However, we already know about the collaborations that it has made with big gaming equipment bodies. Therefore, you can easily understand that it will have good gaming monitors. For example, the model Dark Matter 43548 has a QHD/ IPS panel of 32 inches and gives outstanding gaming performance. The HDR image that it produces is not in any way better than SDR. However, the resultant gaming experience that you gather from here is quite fun and enjoyable!

Quo. How long does Monoprice shipping take?

Ans. It is very difficult to tell in general how long a Monoprice parcel may take to reach you. So, it depends on a number of factors including the kind and size of the device or equipment, the availability, the production site, etc. However, for a regular package, shipping generally takes 3 to 4 business days along with one day for processing. But, if you have USPS priority, then the shipping takes 2 to 3 days to complete. However, the one day for processing remains the same.

Quo. What is the Monoprice warranty?

Ans. So, in general, there are three clauses to the warranty that Monoprice provides. Moreover, all of these last till the specified warranty period of the specified device and begin after 30 days of delivery. So, during this time, they may repair any products if you find them defective. Moreover, they can replace or furnish products. If they cannot do anything to the device, they will give you money that is the same as the money that you spent on the defective product or products. However, they cannot charge you anything for any of these services.

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