Graco modes click connect travel system stroller

This post is my very first product review. Hurray! I decided that I wanted to start with a review of the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller, as it is my most loved baby item so far. Before I begin, there are a few things that you should know about me: I’m not a person who cares about brands. The only thing that matters is the functionality of the item. I also don’t look around to see what other moms have before I buy a product. Rather than chasing the trends, I’ll only buy a product if I both need and want that item.

Graco Modes Click Connect- Stroller Review

Seating options and connects

The Graco Modes Click Connect offers many different options from infant all the way to preschooler age. According to Graco, there are 10 seating options from infant to toddler.

The most common seating options are:

  • Car seat only
  • The car seat is attached to the top of the stroller seat.
  • “Bassinet-like” mode for babies till 6 months old.  
  • Seat mode with a snack tray that will fit children who are 6 months to 18 months.
  • Seat mode without a snack tray which will fit children who are 18 months and older.
  • All modes have the ability to face the parent or face outward. This is a great plus

All options can be connected with only one click, no adaptor is needed here which is a significant advantage of the Graco Modes Click Connect over every other stroller in the market.

First, all the seating options are very steady. Second, it makes your life simple which is precisely what you need when you have a newborn baby to take care of.

At first, you will use only the car seat. If you want to leave the car for a few minutes of shopping and your baby is sleeping in their car seat, the last thing you would want to do is to wake them up.  As the old saying goes, “Never wake a sleeping baby”, and now with the Graco modes click connect travel system stroller, you don’t have to. You’re able to move your child’s car seat to the stroller without having to wake them.

I have a long walk from my condo to my P2 parking spot. So I can’t imagine holding the car seat all the way along with my bags and other stuff I need to take with me. You can also connect the car seat on top of the stroller seat.

Bassinet-Like” Mode

With the Graco Modes Click Connect, you can adjust the seat to be a bassinet. The seat can be adjusted up to 170 degrees (almost completely lying down). Then you bring the leg rest closer to the seat and attach them together. There is an extra piece of fabric that connects them together. In this mode, you remove the baby tray for easy access.
What is great about this option, is that once the baby is safely out of the stroller, you can fold the stroller up and put it in your car, without disconnecting the bassinet from the stroller.

From Sitting to Sleeping

The option to change from a seat to a sleep mode is very beneficial. Toddlers will usually go to sleep while they are sitting up (because they never tried lol) and then you can just adjust the seat so they’re lying down without waking up your child.


This stroller is one of the most comfortable strollers to fold. You can fold with one hand.
The seat will be folded together with the wheels, so you don’t need to remove the seat before folding.
Once it’s folded, the stroller can stand alone (there is an extra leg to support the stroller in this mode). It’s very convenient for storage space.
It is especially convenient on snowy days when you want to fold it before putting it in the trunk of your car, but you don’t want to place it on the snowy sidewalk.


You get all of the stroller accessories in one package when you buy the Graco Mode Click Connect. You don’t have to buy extra accessories like snack trays, cups holder, or any kind of adaptor.

There is one parent tray with 2 cup holders. It is perfect when you and your partner are both going for a walk or to place little items like pacifiers. There is also 1 box for personal items. It is a small box and won’t fit iPhone 5 or newer phones, but it will fit your keys, metro pass, and another card there is 1 child tray with 2 cup holders and 1 snack container. This tray can be removed entirely from the stroller to allow bigger kids to sit comfortably

You can open the tray on one side to let your kid sit down on their own and then close it once they’re seated.

What you don’t get with your original purchase and will probably need for the wintertime, is a winter cover for the baby and a rain cover for the stroller. I used the jolly jumper and it works well for me.

Can I Use the Graco Modes Click Connect When There is Snow?

Yes, you can. This is a question I’m frequently asked by new moms. Everyone is looking for a stroller that will be comfortable to use when it is snowing and for a good reason. The sidewalks can be a nightmare to walk on even without a stroller, and when living in Toronto, you need a stroller that can handle snow/slush.

The truth is that you don’t have to have big wheels to use a stroller on the snow.

I live in Toronto, and I don’t have a car, so I spent all of my maternity leave walking around with my stroller. I do live on Yonge Street where they clean the sidewalks very quickly. Even on the heaviest snow days, however, I haven’t experienced any issues with the Graco Modes Click Connect.

There is a feature that the stroller has where you can lock the front wheels and pushing the stroller through the snow will become easier.

Other Features That Make This Stroller So Great

  1. The stroller comes with a big, HUGE basket to place all of your stuff inside. It is one of the biggest baskets out there.
  2. The canopy comes down to 120 degrees which provides full shade for the baby. There is also a little pocket that you can open to increase airflow.
  3. One brake on each wheel to stop the stroller from moving.

Customer Service Experience

I can only speak based on my own personal experience, however, I think it is worth mentioning. When I moved to a new condo, I lost the snack tray for the stroller. I contacted their customer service department by email, and they sent me a new tray free of charge!

Cons of the product

I said I will be honest here. These are the cons that I’ve seen with the Graco Modes Click Connect stroller.

  1. This is a stroller for one child only. There is no option to make it a double stroller, place two seats, or even to have a Piggyback attachment for an older child. If you consider having a second child next year or the year after, you will probably need a stroller with 2 seat options. I would probably go with the 
  2. Graco Modes Click Connect is not the most fashionable stroller out there.
    You can’t add a beautiful fashion bag and cute, colorful umbrella that will catch the attention of people while you’re walking. If fashion, brand names, and looks are important to you, go with a different stroller.
  3. It is essential to know that you won’t be able to leave a full-sized stroller in a daycare center. If you need to use a stroller for the drop-off and pick-up time, you will need to get an umbrella stroller, or a light fully foldable stroller. If this is the case, you might want to consider buying a car seat and wheels unit first, then buy an umbrella stroller with a lying back option later like 

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