Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors build any space look a bit nicer, however, they are doing need some maintenance to stay them looking new. meaning a decent cleanup regimen as well as, importantly, an excellent vacuum for hardwood floors.

But what makes a vacuum nice for hardwood floors? For starters, you’ll desire a vacuum with soft bristles — and you’ll be able to even depart with a vacuum with no roller the least bit. Rollers are nice to wash the plush rug, however, will cause scratches on laborious flooring. confirm your hardwood vacuum either has multiple brush rolls for carpet vs. hardwood, or a choice to flip the brush roll off. an honest hardwood vacuum also will have sturdy suction to try to do a much better job getting into the crevices between the planks of wood.

Overall, the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors to shop for right away are:

1. Bagged Canister vacuum

CR’s take: generally, canister vacuums do a much better job on vacant floors than upright or stick vacuums as a result of they’re less doubtless to disperse mud and detritus whereas vacuuming it up. The bagged Miele Complete C3 Marin is the better of the simplest, suction-up sand sort of a champ. And it options a brush on/off switch, that minimizes the spreading of dirt and protects the end on hardwood floors. It conjointly earns an awfully sensible rating in our carpet-cleaning tests.

2. Bagless Canister vacuum

CR’s take: Canister vacuums conjointly are available in bagless versions, which prevent the effort and expense of fixing baggage, tho’ they usually need further filters that require to get replaced. If you prefer that trade-off, the bagless Miele Blizzard earns prime scores for vacant floors and earns a superb rating in our pet hair check. The hose suction is pretty sensible too, which suggests you’ll be able to use this vacuum on curtains or upholstery while not harming the material.

3. Bagged Upright Vacuum

CR’s take: tho’ canister vacuums have the sting overall in our bare-floor tests, there are some damned sensible uprights to decide on, together with the top-rated Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150. additionally, to earn a superb rating for pickup on vacant floors, the vacuum also has exceptionally strong airflow through the hose, and it’s terrific at containing the dirt and debris it collects (rather than permitting particles to flee back to the room).

4. Bagless Upright Vacuum

CR’s take: If you’d rather use a bagless vacuum for your hardwood floors, take into account the top-notch Kenmore Pet-Friendly Crossover 31220. It earns a superb rating for bare-floor cleanup, and it performs okay at picking up mud and debris—good if you’ve got allergies. faithful to its name, it conjointly will do an outstanding job of studying piles of ME Coon cat fur, deed very little left on the ground.
It is one of the.

5. Corded Stick Vacuum

CR’s take: nearly unflawed performance—on vacant floors and carpets alike—vaulted the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean HV380 to the highest tier of our stick vacuum ratings. to form cleanup simple, this model incorporates a slippy two-speed power put on the facet of the handle that enables you to seamlessly transition between carpet and vacant floors. And it’s an oversized mud bin that may be empty in one step, which suggests fewer visits to the dustbin to dump it out.

6. Combo Handheld/Stick Vacuum

CR’s take: The keen Black+Decker Smartech HSVJ520JMBF27 may be a powered stick vacuum that converts to a hand-held vacuum with the bit of a button. It earns a superb rating for the cleanup of vacant floors, and it performs tolerably overall to land a spot on our list of suggested stick vacuums. we conjointly like that the brush roll will simply be removed for cleanup. It’s attached a telescoping tool to catch harsh a difficult places, and it has as well a dusting brush tool to require the care of wood furnishings—once your wooden floors are gleaming.

7. Robotic Vacuum

CR’s take: Most of the robotic vacuums in our vacuum cleaner ratings earn a superb rating on our bare-floor tests. The Samsung Powerbot R7065 VR2AM7065WS/AA conjointly gets prime marks for cleanup carpet and dealing quietly. It’s aces at navigating an area, therefore you’ll be able to set it and forget it. Not excited about the price? consider our Cr Best get, the Eufy 11S.

8. Handheld vacuum

CR’s take: Not all hand-held vacuums will tackle pet hair with composure, however, the Shark particle aces that task. It’s conjointly a champ at cleanup vacant floors, earning a superb rating at that and stepping into hard-to-reach places. And it’s not too shabby at the cleanup carpet, either. The vacuum and every one of its attachments will be kept on the charging base, creating it a true house saver. And at simply one.4 pounds, it’s the lightest hand-held vacuum in our tests. the sole drawback to its tiny size is that the small mud bin can get to be empty over once if you’ve got a large spill.

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