The Bachelorette Fantasy League Rules

Bachelorette Fantasy League: Hey, Bachelor Nation—the Bachelor Fantasy League is back with a brand new game experience for Season 23 of The Bachelor starring Colton Underwood! If you think you can identify Colton’s true love, predict who gets a rose (and when), and spot the Bachelorettes most likely to start some drama, join the BFL at and start earning your bragging rights.

Choose your weekly lineup of ladies, then watch The Bachelor MONDAYS 8l7c on ABC and see how your team performed. Score high and you’ll up your chances of winning the grand prize: a trip for two to Los Angeles and two tickets to “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose” special for the next season of The Bachelorette in 2019.

The Bachelorette Fantasy League

Well, first of all, it’s super fun. We do a great job of keeping you engaged in the game throughout the season while also not demanding too much of your time. We acknowledge that spoilers are out there, we use them to our advantage, and we award points based on things that can’t be spoiled. No, you can’t draft the final four Bachelor to your team. Yes, it’s okay if you draft the same team as someone else. Learn more now about why we’re the best Bachelor Fantasy League out there!

Bachelor League is a fast-paced and interactive way to play a Bachelor fantasy game with a devoted group of superfans in our public Bachelor League.

How are we different from other Bachelor fantasy games? We’re not a bracket – we have you build a team of Bachelor/sites to follow throughout the season. We’re not simply a scoring system – we’re so much more than that.

Abc Bachelorette Fantasy League

There are only 15 men left on Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette which means we are nearly at the halfway point towards the big finale, and things are getting intense for those who are gambling in a fantasy league. And for those wondering how or if you and your friends can join a Bachelorette fantasy league at this point in the season, look no further.

To join a public league, download a bracket or jumpstart your own league to the commission, click here. Every Bach bracket allows you to cheer for the contestant you like most and prove you know which direction the former Miss Alabama is leaning. To get started, you can create a log-in with ABC, or sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account.

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Overall, the Bachelorette Fantasy Rules are very easy and super fun. Each week, League officials present those playing with hypothesis scenarios, (Who will be Hannah’s first kiss? Who will end up on the sky-diving one-on-one date?) and players set their lineup each week for what they think is most likely to happen. The more guesses you get right, the, more points earned. Brackets lock each week the minute the east coast airing begins, so west coast players can’t cheat.

Sign Up for The Bachelor Fantasy League 2019! Hey, Bachelor Nation—the Bachelor Fantasy League is back with a brand new game experience for Season 23 of The Bachelor starring Colton Underwood!

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown finally sent Luke Parker packing after the two got into a candid argument about sex. Despite being eliminated, a sneak peek at next week’s episode reveals he’s not gone just yet.

The first night at the mansion was fairly tame. One guy wore a chicken suit and another arrived in a hearse (he “literally died” when he learned Becca was the Bachelorette). The men behaved. The romance was PG — save a kiss from Garrett, who earned Becca’s first impression rose.

Bachelorette Fantasy League Team Names

The Advanced points grid for The Bachelorette Season 15 is as follows:

5 POINTS (Earned once by one contestant per season)
The first contestant to mention their pet to Hannah

10 POINTS (Earned once by one contestant per season)
The contestant receives the second overall rose (awarded on top of the regular rose bonus)
First-person to say Hannah is “family-oriented”
First solo time (after limos)
The first contestant to steal Hannah from another contestant
First 1 on 1 hot tub with Hannah
First live musician (solo with Hannah)
The first contestant to say “I can see myself falling in love with you”
First horseback riding date

20 POINTS (Earned once by one contestant per season)
First kiss of the season after limo intros end
First-person to mention their child to Hannah
Contestant receives first impression rose (awarded on top of the regular rose bonus)
First plane ride
First helicopter ride
The first contestant to say “I’m ready for love”
First-person to say they love Hannah
First-person to meet a member of Hannah’s family

Bachelorette Fantasy League Answers

+5 Points (Once per episode, by multiple contestants)
Contestant is chosen for a date
Contestant advances
Contestant receives rose during a date (on top of the regular rose bonus)

+5 (Numerous times an episode, by multiple contestants)
Contestant says “Alabama” or “Roll Tide”
The contestant is seen eating (food must be seen entering mouth)
Contestant refers to Hannah as his “girlfriend”

+10 Points (Once per episode, by multiple contestants)

The contestant is on camera shirtless
Naked in front of The Bachelorette (Fantasy Suite = naked, unless explicitly said otherwise)
Has 1 on 1 conversation with Chris Harrison
The contestant wins a group competition (can be individually or as part of a group)
Dance with Hannah
Date involves animals

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