Animefreak Alternatives

Animefreak was considered the premier anime streaming website in 2020. The platform goes by various names including anime freakz, anime freaks, anime freak, anime freak tv, and

Every day, the website attracts millions of users who stream animation video series and episodes. At Animefreak, users can enjoy free subtitled and dubbed anime online. is the go-to destination for serious anime fans. This platform not only offers free streaming services but also lets users download animation videos at no cost.

The website is designed with a mobile-friendly interface. It features a menu bar at the top right, login and register options at the top left, and the Animefreak logo centered at the top.

The menu presents an array of options such as ongoing, Anime list, Browse by Genre, Search, Latest Episodes, Latest Anime, and Popular Anime.

On the Animefreak tv homepage, you will find sections for Latest Updates, New Animes 2020, and a list of ongoing animes on the left. The footer of the site houses Animefreak’s contact information and a quick access menu that offers links to Anime list, ongoing, Browse by Genre, Search, Latest Episodes, Latest Anime, Popular Anime, FAQ, Legal Disclaimer, and Privacy. The site also showcases a number of advertisements.

For enthusiasts of animated TV series looking to explore more content across different platforms, numerous alternatives to Animefreak are available. These alternatives offer a similar experience, with an expanded variety of video series available to stream for free. Some of the best Animefreak alternatives are listed below to assist users in finding a broader range of content.Read Also: Websites Like Animefrenzy For Free Anime

In the event that these alternative sites are inaccessible, consider using VPN networks to bypass restrictions. We recommend Nord VPN, which can be downloaded for free via this link.

Below are the top 10 best alternatives of AnimeFreak

1. Horriblesubs (

Regarded as one of the prime alternatives to, Horriblesubs offers an intuitive user-friendly interface. The homepage highlights the Latest Releases along with a handy search bar to help locate your favorite Animes. The left sidebar displays the current Time, Today’s schedule, and Past Announcements. An interactive Comment section at the bottom of the site caters to those interested in discussing Anime content. The menu features options such as shows, Current season, schedule, IRC (Guide, IRC Channel, Packlink), FAQ, and social media links. Visit Horriblesubs for more details and to stream your favorite Anime.

2. (

A renowned alternative, distinguishes itself with a unique user interface that contrasts with other Anime websites. This responsive site acts as an e-anime streaming search engine for various popular platforms. It features a logo and a search bar on the left for easy anime discovery. The site is multilingual, offers social media links, and displays a list of popular animes on the homepage.

3. Terrarium TV (

Terrarium TV, a popular free online Anime streaming platform, is another good alternative to Initially available as an Android app, it allows users to stream and download their favorite anime videos. If Terrarium TV is not available in your region, use a VPN network or try some alternatives like CatMouse APK, UnlockMyTV, CyberFlix TV, Cinema APK, Popcorn Time, TeaTV, and Kodi.

4. Daisuki (

Daisuki, a major Japanese Anime streaming site, is a viable alternative to Established in 2013 by Asatsu-DK and six other anime studios, it offers content in Japanese and English with English subtitles. Currently managed by Bandai Namco, it’s home to popular Anime series such as Dragon Ball Super.

5. NarutoGet (

NarutoGet, a leading Anime streaming website and a good alternative to Animefreak, hosts a broad range of Anime series accessible from anywhere in the world. If the site is inaccessible, use a VPN network or try other alternatives. The lightweight responsive user interface of NarutoGet facilitates easy navigation with an assortment of menu options.

6. Animenova (

Regarded as an excellent platform for streaming Anime, Animenova stands as a noteworthy alternative to Animefreak. The site offers daily updates on all cartoon anime series and provides both subtitled and dubbed animes with superior quality and speedy streaming. It also includes Naruto Manga and an advanced search bar for easier anime discovery. Notable features include HD Streaming, rapid Streaming, rating and commenting facilities, comprehensive Anime descriptions, and regular updates.

7. WatchAnimeMovie (

Considered a fresh alternative to, WatchAnimeMovie is a new entrant to the anime video streaming landscape. The site provides high-definition Anime series with swift streaming. It enables users to watch all anime series free of cost and offers the latest updates. Such features have drawn millions of users to subscribe daily.

8.Manga-Anime-Here (

Manga-Anime-Here, recognized as a superior alternative to, boasts a premium-looking and responsive user interface. Available globally, users can access the site anytime, anywhere. If the site is inaccessible, a VPN network can be used. Users can also share their favorite videos on social media channels. Key features include regular updates, quality streaming free of cost, a responsive user interface, social media sharing, an advanced search bar across different categories, and an extensive database collection.

9. Funimation (

Funimation, another significant Animefreak alternative, offers a vast collection of Anime video series. As one of the top anime video streaming websites in America, it provides clear information about each anime video. Although registration is required, the site offers an extensive range of categories and multiple genres at affordable prices. Notable features include fast streaming, the latest updates, access from anywhere, anytime, and a substantial database collection.

10. BabyAnime

BabyAnime, considered an ideal alternative to Animefreak, provides a range of video series dubbed with English subtitles. Best known for its free service, users can enjoy classic and the latest updated animes without any restrictions. The BabyAnime website does not require registration; users can directly select and watch their preferred series.

Key features include a great collection, free service, the latest updates, dubbed anime, and no registration requirement.

Here are the top six grand alternatives to Animefreak, which not only serve as alternatives to, but also stand as outstanding replacements for all other Anime sites:

  1. Masterani
  2. Anilinkz
  3. Anime Planet
  4. Animeheaven
  5. AnimeLand
  6. 9Anime

Additional alternate options include:

  1. Cartoon Crazy
  2. AnimeStreams
  3. Animelab
  4. Anime Planet
  5. Animeultima
  6. Animeland
  7. Animeheaven
  8. Gogoanime
  9. AnimeSeason
  10. Chia-anime
  11. 9Anime
  12. KissAnime
  13. Hulu
  14. Netflix



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