Who is Zyla Moon Oluwakemi

Zyla Moon Oluwakemi is a popular newborn wonderful child girl. While engaged, she is a star youngster birthed to Claudia Alexia Jourdan and Wale. She is just a child and is under her daddy’s protection. Her father has total assets of $5 million.

Zyla Moon Oluwakemi is a popular girl. She is the daughter of Wale, a prominent rap artist. Wale and his future wife, Claudia Alexia Jourdan, brought their youngster to life in 2016.

Wale is a rapper from the United States. In 2006, his tune ‘Dig Dug’ arrived in his hometown, catapulting him to popularity. Wale got famous and also continues to make music for a minimal audience.

Moon Oluwakemi Relation With Her Daddy, Wale

Parenthood is a blessing for several. However, it is a problem for certain males. Undoubtedly, several difficulties featured being a father, and rapper Wale shares several of his as they relate to elevating his little girl.

In 2016, the rapper revealed that he was the father of a brand-new infant woman, Zyla Moon Oluwakemi, and also adored his princess. He was so thrilled that he laughed and cried simultaneously, which he had never done before.

Wale found with time that fathership needed to be more basic, particularly raising a little girl. In addition, he and his wife are no longer together. Thus he is a solitary daddy. Being a daddy to a girl has been challenging for him.

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin proceeds, “Often just how you’re increased doesn’t enter fulfillment till you begin raising someone,” Victor Akintimehin explains. I was never like, ‘Oh! Gaga goo!’ and all that nonsense. It’s not like it, but it’s how I make points. And also the feeling exists.

Does Wale’s Little Girl Have Brothers Or Sisters?

Zyla Moon is her mom and father’s only kid. Based on his mother and papa’s accounts, he appears to be an only kid. Claudia Moon’s mom had left her daddy, Wale. The pair has no relationship with each other anymore.

Zyla’s papa, Wale, is currently with her. Zyla’s area could be more precise, whether she has a brother or sister. Wale has maintained his range from her child. Consequently, there is little info regarding her.

Zyla’s Papa, Wale Occupation And Also Net Worth

Zyla Moon Oluwakemi’s father debuted with the track Rhyme of the Century, which rapidly became prominent on local radio. Because of the tune, he was released in The Source Magazine.

The publication resulted in him being used as an offer by the neighborhood tag Workshop 43. Dig Dug, Wale’s adherence to solitary, was a big success.

Dig Dug’s rap artist mixtape 100 Miles and Running was a great success in 2007. It garnered desirable evaluations from movie critics and included Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, and Lily Allen cameos.

Jourdan’s ex-husband has income from CDs, music videos, and songs on Spotify and Apple songs. He has made total assets of $5 million.