Personal Details on Derek Otcasek

Derek Otcasek is the famous singer’s son. Richard Theodore Otcasek, Derek’s father, is a well-known vocalist, songwriter, artist, and record producer. His papa was the principal co-lead singer, rhythm guitarist, composer, and frontman for The Vehicles’ rock band. Additionally, Ric and also Suzanne Ocasek are his parents.

Derek Otcasek is the boy of a famous singer. Derek’s daddy, Richard Theodore Otcasek, is a widely known singer, author, artist, and document manufacturer. His papa was the Cars rock band’s main co-lead vocalist, rhythm guitar player, composer, and frontman. Furthermore, his mommy, Suzanne Ocasek, is Ric’s ex-wife.

Is Derek Otcasek Solitary?

Otcasek is exclusive when it concerns his personal life, like his bro Eron Otcasek. Regardless of his profession, which he has not revealed, Derek has kept his lips shut concerning the relationship, despite stating a thousand things. On the other hand, he has made obvious his single standing.

Ric’s kid is busy with his profession and hopes the world will bring him a companion. Beyond, his papa, Ric Ocasek, was wed three times. Constance, his first better half, divorced him in Ohio in 1971. In the same year, he wed Derek’s mommy, Suzanne Otcasek. Later, he married the popular Paulina Porizkova.

Derek’s Daddy Ric Otcasek’s Love Life

Ocasek has been wed three times. In 1971, his initial other half, Constance, separated him in Ohio. In the same year, he married Suzanne Otcasek.

They’d been with each other for 17 years. Ocasek met 18-year-old Czech-born cover girl Paulina Porizkova while filming the video for the Cars and trucks’ tune “Drive” in 1984 while still married to Suzanne.

Ocasek and also Suzanne divorced in 1988. On Saint-Barthélemy Island, he wed Porizkova on August 23, 1989. Porizkova stated in May 2018 that she and Ocasek had split a year prior.

Ocasek was the daddy of 6 children, two from each of his three marital relationships. Christopher is his eldest boy, a singer who founded the rock band Beauty Camp in 1989, launching one album and appearing as a solo entertainer in Pretty Lady. His other youngsters are Adam, Eron, Derek, Jonathan Raven, and Oliver.

Net Worth Of Derek Otcasek

Derek is not well-known, considering that he likes to maintain points low-key. Therefore, there needs to be more information about Pauline’s step-net son’s worth and earnings. However, his father’s total assets are around $40 million.

Additionally, his stepmother Pauline Parizkova is a Czech-American model and starlet. According to Celeb’s net worth, her net worth is around $10 million, unfortunately, with the fatality of her longtime partner, Ric Ocasek, dad of Derek.

The band located that the artist’s will had overlooked Paulina following his fatality in 2019. Because she had several liquid properties, she was supposedly obliged to obtain money from associates after Ric’s death.

‘The Cars’ Rock Band Of Derek Otcasek’s Father, Ric Ocasek

Ocasek, as well as Orr, transferred to Boston in the very early 1970s after playing in several bands in Columbus as well as Ann Arbor, Michigan. Milkwood, a Crosby, Stills, and Nash-style folk-rock band, was founded there. In early 1973, they issued one cd, How’s The Weather, on Paramount Records, yet it failed to chart.

Greg Hawkes, the keyboardist for Future Cars, added to Milkwood’s document. Adhering To Milkwood, Ocasek started the band Richard and the Rabbits, which included Orr and Hawkes. Consequently, Ocasek, as well as Orr, developed Cap’n Swing with guitarist Elliot Easton.

Cap’n Swing quickly caught the attention of WBCN disc jockey Maxanne Sartori, that began playing tracks from their demonstration tape on her program. Ocasek terminated the bassist and drummer and created a brand-new band that fit his creating design better.

David Robinson, widely understood for his work with the Modern Lovers, took control of drums while Orr took control of on bass. In late 1976, Hawkes returned to playing keyboards, and the band was renamed “The Cars.”